How does the program work? How frequently?

Ozen offers a fun but serious immersion into your inner world. Once the sensor is slipped on your finger, O.zen will record your heartbeats and will offer you not only the statistics, but also tips and tricks to push your experience further than only tracking. The program, available with iPad and iPhone, can be used every day, with 3 to 8 minutes sessions, to help on your daily wellness or can be used occasionally to help on a specific stress or emotion source.

How is the program structured? (Levels, exercises…)

O.zen starts by evaluate your physical and psychological by answering different tests. The program includes more than 600 introspection questions that gives the user a personalized profile. The user will then by guided with tips from Coach K and is offered games and fun breathing exercises spread over 70 levels and 14 programs corresponding to its needs. The experience may be considered long term. Those activities will help on setting up good habits that will eventually give you wellness through breathing.

What benefits can users get?

O.Zen benefits are multiple and depends on the profile and needs of each user: boost its vitality, gain concentration, controlling stress, sleep better, manage emotions, etc. The program was developed in collaboration with Dr. Frederic Kochman, a child psychiatrist and specialist in cardiac coherence. His involvement has helped to provide solid medical ground to the project. In O.zen, Dr. Kochman is represented by Coach K, who provides the user specific monitoring and advice.

Is it possible to experience O.Zen to several users?

If, according to studies, O.zen users are often tempted to share their achievements with their loved ones, it remains an individual experience where it is not possible to play with others. However, the application allows the creation of multiple profiles so that each family member can benefit in turn. Social features also allow to share scores or progression on social networks.

What is the technology behind the sensor? Is data transmission done in real time?

If O.zen is not a medical device, it opens doors in digital health. Few technologies today are able to offer a biofeedback in real time. Featuring a highly accurate sensor, O.zen directly registers the heartbeat, without processing time, a few hundredths of a second. The user can then observe its own physiological signals and interact with them live.


On what platforms is O.zen available?

O.zen is availableon iPhone 5 and up, iPad 4 Gen and up, iPad air and up, iPad mini and up.

Is the app indentical on the iPad and iPhone?

O.zen is considered in two ways: with a long-term optimal content on iPad and in the short term with instant breathing exercises on iPhone. Both uses are complementary.

How can I get the app?

Just go to the app store to download the application, as described in the start-up guide.

What the sensor mesures?

The O.zen sensor measures your heart rate in real time, beat by beat. It also measures the variation between each beat to deliver a personalized and unique experience.

Are there different sensor sizes?

No, the sensor is available in one size.

Must we recharge the sensor?

No, it does not need to be charged as it is wired.

How to clean my sensor?

The sensor can be cleaned with a cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol. Never submerge the sensor.

On which finger should I position the sensor ?

It is recommended to position it on the index or middle finger of the hand that you use the less, but it works on all fingers.

Does the sensor affects the autonomy of my device?

No, the sensor does not affect its autonomy.

I have problems with my sensor, what to do?

Start by disconnecting and reconnecting your sensor and restart the application. If the problem persists, please contact Ubisoft support to answer all your questions online support.ubi.com.