The cardiac coherence principle accessible to all

When Stress takes over

Our body goes on alert

Our heart is racing

And our breathing becomes inconsistent.
What to do?


O.zen will teach you to breathe well...

Your brain will regulate

And you will feel better.

Multiple benefits day after day

  • Physical
    Boost your vitality daily
  • e
    Learn to manage your stress
  • Behavior
    Gain confidence
  • Mental
    Grow your concentration
  • Combo
    Improve your wellness

A sensor with a unique accuracy (precision) created for wellness

« Based on the principles of biofeedback, O.zen’ sensor restores your heart rate and variations in real time, beat by beat. For the first time, you can monitor your physiological signals, act on them and find your ideal breathing while having fun. »

A Regular and playful coaching

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    Inner Quest
    Enjoy the benefits of cardiac coherence across 14 dedicated programs.
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    Plug & Play
    Access to breathing exercises of your choice in an instant.
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    Create your avatar, evaluate yourself and benefit of a personalised program.
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    Have Fun
    Entertaining mini-games for more fun.
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    Learn more about yourself and your surrounding.

Immerse yourself in your inner world

A unique immersive experience

Discover a colourful world that will brings you to travel into an environment close and yet unknown: You. Follow the guide throughout your inner quest and boost your wellbeing with confidence.

Interacting with your own universe

For the first time you will understand what is happening in you second after second. Breathe in rhythm with visual and music specially made to give yourself a real break.

Ozen on tablet