The role of ear wax is to protect and lubricate the ear canal. They are produced by glands within the ear canal itself. They are also known as cerumen. The earwax after serving its purpose, are slowly transported to the external ear where they are shed outside. There is not a need for any external aid to remove the wax under normal circumstances. It is only when this natural process is disrupted, an external aid becomes handy.

There will be a build up of ear wax leading to pain, a sensation of fullness etc. An infected ear wax could result in foul smelling discharge from the ear as well. Using Q tips, ear plugs worsen the already painful condition. A visit to your healthcare provider is recommended to get the ear wax removed and for the infection to be cleared.

Ear wax home remedies

Here are some methods on how to remove ear wax at home:

1. Salt Water

Salt water is one of the simplest method that could help remove the ear wax. The ingredients and the method of preparation is quite simple. Soak a cotton ball with a saline solution and squeeze a few drops of it into the problematic ear. Take care to face the ear upwards so as to retain the saline solution within the ear. Then tilt your head in the opposite direction so that there is drainage of the saline solution. Clean after. The saline solution could be prepared by mixing a teaspoon full of salt in a half a cup of warm water. Let the salt dissolve completely.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another age old remedy to help remove the ear wax. Warm Coconut oil is used and only a half tablespoon full of it would be sufficient. Instill a few drops of the warmed coconut oil to the problematic ear. Take care to keep the ear in the upright position while administering the oil to help retain it. Drain after allowing it to remain for few minutes. You could rinse out the oil using warm water.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is popular for its utility in wound dressings. It could be used to help remove ear wax as well. Take care to dilute hydrogen peroxide by mixing equal quantities of it with water. Put a few drops of it into the ear. A dropper could help you do this. Leave it in for few minutes and drain by tilting your head in the opposite direction. Clean the drained solution.

4. Olive Oil

Using olive oil is another technique to soften the ear wax and help remove it. As with coconut oil, warm olive oil is to be used. Put few drops of the oil into your ear and drain after allowing it to work on your wax for some minutes. Clean up the residual matter.

5. Glycerin

Glycerin is another solution that could help in the removal of ear wax. Glycerin too help in softening the ear wax. Just like hydrogen peroxide, dilute some glycerin by mixing it with some water. Add several drops of the solution into the problematic ear after tilting your head upwards. Drain by tilting in the opposite direction. Clean up after.

6. Baby Oil

Baby oil is another oil that could help soften the ear wax and remove it. Instill a few drops of the oil into the ear. Leave it for some time and then drain. Clean up afterwards.